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Mobile Game Review: Gunman Clive isn't Just Another Side-scroller


I'm snacking on prunes as I write this review. That's how old I am. Oh, I also remember playing Super Mario Brothers on the SNES. Yah, my mom (God bless her) wouldn't let me play video games so I had to sneak to a friend's house to play. When she eventually found out she gave up and said my brother and I could play but we had to play with the sound off because the music was bad for us. Boy was I a little rebel at 9. The music was great. Alas, that didn't last. My brother had to tattle. You may be wondering why you're reading the nostalgia of an old fart (okay, I'm nto THAT old, but still). Well, when I played Gunman Clive it felt like I was back in my childhood AND in the 21st century. This game is just that awesome.

At no point did I think to myself, "This game is lame." In fact, putting it down was just a little hard. It is a mix of all the things that makes a mobile game like this perfect. It was interesting. The environments are diverse. The villains and bosses were imaginative. It kept me guessing. By no means is this an easy game either. Sure you can put it on an easier setting, but that would ruin the fun!

The best part is you get hours of fun for just $1.99. Oh, and it is very much worth it. You also have a choice of which Android app store you to buy it from. If you just want to go classic, the Google Play store is a good option. If you have the Amazon Appstore you can go that route. Either way, the price is the same. The iOS version of the game is available through iTunes for the same price of $1.99.


The touch screen interface is well done. I wouldn't say I love it, but it works. It is responsive and does what it was intended to do. The best part for me though was the fact that the game interfaces with other input options. Since I was playing the game on the Transformer Prime with the Keyboard dock it auto recognized it and allowed for game play via that method. Add to that the option to use my PS3 remote either over Bluetooth or via the Transformer's USB port and I had too many options on how I wanted to play the game. I stuck with the touch screen but I did try out the other options mentioned and the game is very responsive in all cases. 

The Story

It's classic rugged cowboy saves damsel in distress story. But there is a twist.

                                 ******************SPOILER ALERT******************
There are aliens. This actually explains the bosses and a few other things as the story progresses. It is also one of the reasons the environments are so much fun and diverse. 

Assuming you have rushed past the spoiler alert, I just gave a reason for why the environments are so diverse. If you didn't rush past you are either cursing my name or you are wondering what the big deal is. Lol. Either way, your welcome. Once you get to the end you get rewarded with a kiss. Just remember my young friends. It isn't real! (I know, I'm playing this old fart thing to the hilt!)


As you can see from the screen shots, the animation is faux-hand drawn (Faux, pronounced foe, is French for false). What you don't see is the shifting lines that happen very quickly adding to the had drawn feel. The characters in the game respond in ways that add to this feel as well. This makes the feel of the game very retro and up to date at the same time.

Game Play 

It is great! It is a perfect mix of small puzzles, obstacles and bad guys that shoot at you. I'm not sure why ducks, dogs, rabbits, and pelicans have it in for you as well, but that just adds to the fun. Speaking of bad guys. The Bosses! I love these bosses. Posted here are a couple of the early bosses. I will post more pictures at the end of the review. They are odd, quarky and just awesome!

The Music

I know this isn't usually a reason people get a game, but this music is just fun. Repetitive if you get stuck on a level like I did a couple times, but still attention getting. My head was nodding along to it while I was playing. I can hear the music in my head as the keys click clack and I'm typing to the rhythm. It is just that awesome.

Maturity Rating

This game is rated PG (parental guidance) because there is some cartoon like gun use. There is no graphic violence or sexual content. It would be rated as E (Everyone) except for the use of guns.

The Test of Time: Final Assessment

I've beat the game in both regular and hard mode and I still come back to it. That is the test of a good game in my mind. It's fun. I think I'll keep it on my tablet for a while just because I enjoy it so much. This means I have to give this game 3 out of 3 Triforce.  It was enjoyable to the max and I highly recommend it for both casual gamers and those who are in for a challenge. The difficulty setting will make the difference. Please feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions. Until next time. This is Justice signing out!

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