Friday, July 6, 2012

Correction on Mobile Game Reviews

First an apology. I realized that I was posting reviews of Android games and posting links to where you can get them without including the iOS version of the games. While I am partial to Android, this does not mean I do not respect or enjoy iOS devices. While they are not for me, I really enjoy what is added from Apple's flagship mobile OS. As such, I have back tracked and added links to iTunes for all games that have both an Android and iOS version. Please forgive the mistake. I will endeavor to include both major OS's in my reviews.

I prefer to encourage harmony between the mobile OS community rather than to promote disharmony. I must admit I do prefer Android over iOS but this is primarily because I am invested into the OS. I can see how someone who is a iOS user would feel the same way if they have a lot of apps purchased through iTunes. My wish is that both ecosystems have a long and healthy life to encourage competition. Now if only Apple and Google OEM's would stop fighting in courts and get on with making high quality mobile products.

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